A Halloween Double Feature with Marc Price & Radkey – Saturday October 7th – Doors Open At 2:00 PM – $20

A “Halloween Double Feature” featuring the 1986 cult classic “Trick or Treat” starring our special guest comedian Marc Price, along with the Dario Argento Italian horror classic “Demons” starring the lovely Geretta Giancarlo! Marc is well known for his portrayal of “Skippy” on the 80’s sitcom “Family Ties” and starring in “Trick or Treat” alongside Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne! Geretta has starred in numerous Italian genre films but is best known for her roll as “Rosemary” in the extremely popular “Demons”.
The night cannot be complete without our very special musical guests “Radkey” from Saint Joseph Missouri featuring brothers Isaiah, Solomon, and Dee Radke whose records include “Delicious Rock Noise”, “Green Room”, and “Cat and Mouse.” They have been blowing our minds along with the likes of the “Foo Fighters,” “L7,” and “Jane’s Addiction” whom they have all toured with in the past. Dig them at www.radkey.net! Awesomeness!
Friends and talented musicians “Funeral Proposals” from Akron Ohio will share the stage with “Radkey” on Saturday October 7th. Their most recent extended play release “Forever Glow” encapsulates their eclectic and diverse sound making them “one to watch” as an “up and coming” quartet whose music knows no limitations. Check them out at www.funeralproposalsband.com!
Our hostess Laura “Lenora” Wimbels will once again join us for “question and answers” on stage with Geretta Giancarlo and Marc Price, with Marc as an added bonus doing his standup comedy and “riffing” over the screening of “Trick or Treat”! Sol Rizzato great and accomplished organist, will get behind the Palace Theatre’s Wurlitzer organ to wow us again with an amazing array of talent that we are so privileged to be privy to!
A full day of entertainment featuring live music, comedy, films, special guests, vendors, and food trucks! Sammi Curr Lives!🎃🎃🎃