Michael Franzese’s A Mob Story – Saturday June 24th at 7:00 PM – $40/$50/$60/$130 VIP

Goodfellas, The Godfather & The Sopranos were fiction. This is a true mafia story!
“Michael Franzese’s A Mob Story”

This is “must see “event for every serious mob / mafia TV and film enthusiast. Many consider Michael Franzese the Dr. Phil of organized crime. He’s a former “made man” and a Capo for the Colombo crime family where he made over a billion dollars for the mob. Michael walked away from La Cosa Nostra and that life and has lived without witness protection for over 25 years.

Life Magazine called him, “The mob’s young genius” and his true-life story has been airing for years, on the History Channel and National Geographic. His bi-weekly YouTube show, “Sit Down with Michael Franzese” has 4-5 million views per month. Michael will have a weekly network TV series airing sometime in 2023. It will be like watching “The Sopranos” except all the stories are true!

Michael speaks for 60 + minutes then ends his show with a Q & A where he breathes new life into every mob movie and TV show.  you’ve ever seen. You can ask him any question and if he has to he knows how to plead the 5th!

There will be limited number of tickets being offered for a VIP meet & greet after the show. The ticket will include meeting Michael, taking your picture with him, and receiving an autographed copy of his newest book, Mafia Democracy. How often do you have an opportunity to get up close and personal with a Capo of 1 of the five crime families of NYC? Forgetaboutit!




Check Michael out here!


***VIP Package includes a ticket with VIP seating, a Meet & Greet with Michael, a picture with Michael, and a signed copy of his newest book, “Mafia Democracy.”***